Why is La Liga increasingly rare for goals?

If you consider the goal to measure the attractiveness of the tournaments, La Liga is at the end of the top 5 European leagues. Statistics on the number of chances to eat, the number of shots, and the number of goals in La Liga in the last two seasons have decreased sharply compared to Serie A, the Bundesliga, the Premier League, and even Ligue 1. List of goalscorer Europe is also gradually absent from La Liga’s names. A year ago, La Liga was the league with the lowest average goal rate in Europe, only 2.4 goals per game.

Other leagues are ahead of us,” Felipe Minambres, Sports Director Celta Vigo, told El Pais. “Even the Italians have changed their views. Serie A has many open matches, many attacking situations, and many goals. While Spain is going the other way.”

From the driest tournament in the world, Serie A has become the most beautiful tournament. Statistics from Opta show that Serie A has an average of 25.4 shots and 3.4 goals per game – the highest in Europe. The Bundesliga is behind with 3.2 goals per game and the Premier League has 3.1 goals. Ligue 1 teams also attack better than La Liga, with an average of 23.2 shots and 2.8 goals per game. This has been happening for a year and has not changed yet.

La Liga currently has no strikers in Europe’s top 10 best scorers.

La Liga’s top scorer is currently Mikel Oyarzabal. Six goals for Real Sociedad is far behind Robert Lewandowski’s 11 goals, and also ranks below the top 5 top scorer list in the Premier League. Oyarzabal’s performance even less “old man” 39 years old Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has eight goals for Milan since the beginning of the season.

Oyarzabal is only 26th in Europe’s top-scoring striker. In the past century, La Liga has never seen less than three people in the top 20 of this statistic. Although the new season is short, these are still bad signs of the number of goals in this tournament. Because this tournament is always praised for the quality of the attacking teams.

It is no coincidence that Oyarzabal became the highlight of this season. He plays for Real Sociedad, one of the few teams that are not dependent on a 4-3-3 chart. This is a model diagram for many La Liga clubs, after the great success of Barca in the previous decade. Sociedad, usually playing 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1, is the team that scores the most right now. They have 20 goals – five and six more than Barca and Real, respectively. They also led the rankings with a spectacular 20 points after nine rounds.

Imanol Alguacil, the coach of Sociedad, prefers to attack proactively, rather than expecting the opponent’s mistakes. When the Sociedad attacked, most of their positions rose. This strategy of Alguacil rarely deals with the opponents.

To score goals, you must first create opportunities. “Right now the opportunities have to be very clear, as defenders and goalkeepers are increasingly more secluded. I have seen games with many goals to score but the opponent defends too well and goals. Not coming. This happens most clearly for Real and Barca. They are not as efficient as they were years ago.

According to Felipe Minambres, what’s happening in La Liga is not accidental. After Pep Guardiola’s brilliance at Barca, culminating in the 2011 Champions League title, conservativism emerged in La Liga. “Fifteen years ago, each team played one style and no one had their own style,” Minambres said. “Barca shaped their style and kept winning. Many other teams followed suit. But this is slowly disappearing. Now, the teams just wait for the opponent to make a mistake to deliver the finishing blow.