Why has Man Utd not fired Solskjaer yet?

Under great pressure because of the Champions League defeat. But Solskjaer may raise hope with Man Utd, if they get good results in the Manchester derby the day before.

Immediately after the defeat of Leipzig 2-3 – the result of which Man Utd was knocked out of the Champions League. The British press announced that the “Red Devils” leadership still fully supported Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. That failure could not shake the position of this coach at Old Trafford. When American bosses, with powerful helpers – CEO Ed Woodward, still thought that Solskjaer was the right coach to put Man Utd in the right direction.

This is just a reaffirmation of the opinion of the American owner after many disappointments by Solskjaer this season. Every time the team has bad results, the Norwegian coach is facing the possibility of losing his job. But after each time like that, Solskjaer and his team returned with an even very impressive victory.

After losing to Crystal Palace is winning Brighton right away. After the 1-6 defeat at Tottenham’s hands, it was a devastating 4-1 victory over Newcastle. After losing 0-1 to Arsenal at home, Man Utd made a 4-win streak, defeating Everton, West Brom, Southampton and West Ham respectively. That victory in the time when Solskjaer said he was very proud, saying that his team was still in a competitive position for the championship.

Man Utd’s position is not currently enough to make Solskjaer lose his job.

After 10 Premier League games, they are currently seventh on the scorecard, 1 point ahead of City in the derby. Solskjaer teachers and students are only two points behind the top 4 and five points behind Tottenham’s top. Compared to the same period last season, Man Utd stood in the same seventh place. But this team won 6 more points and scored more than 6 goals. In 2020 , the number of points Man Utd has in the domestic league is 54, just behind the two teams that led last season.

Instability is an inherent weakness of Man Utd, but in the Premier League only, their home performance is worrying. “Red Devils” are still the away king of the tournament when they have won 5 matches and won 15 points. Man Utd’s record has especially improved since Bruno Fernandes was present in February. Then the team’s total score is even worse than Liverpool.

Factors like Fernandes reflect Solskjaer’s luck over his predecessors.

Mourinho recruited Paul Pogba shortly after taking office. But the French midfielder never became the right star with the “Red Devils” culture. Van Gaal also had high expectations for Memphis Depay and wanted him to follow Cristiano Ronaldo. But Depay also failed. David Moyes has only … Marouane Fellaini to look forward to, but the Belgian midfielder’s talent has never been up to the club’s stature.

Compared to previous coaches, Solskjaer is not comparable to anyone, not even Moyes. He is much inferior in terms of experience with the top army than the Scottish ruler. In terms of reputation and personality, even less compared to Van Gaal or Mourinho. But considering the performance on the pitch compared to the post-Ferguson coaches, Solskjaer lost only to Mourinho.

For all these reasons, Solsa’s chair is still guaranteed, even if Man Utd lost to Man City in today’s derby. They need the right time to make an important decision. And they need Solskjaer … worse.