Why are Messi and Ronaldo not as good as Michael Jordan?

These days, ESPN TV channel is constantly being mentioned along with the documentary series about Michael Jordan. There, the American basketball legend accidentally revealed many details explaining why he became a sports monument that people like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo could not match.

Vì sao Messi & Ronaldo không thể sánh với Michael Jordan?

Basketball is not like soccer
Those who follow the round ball can learn from Jordan the professional training attitude, the desire to reach the peak, and the determination to conquer the NBA through the years. However, even if a person possesses Messi’s football talent and diligence like Ronaldo, he can never reach the level of influence like Jordan. The reason is because they chose the wrong sport to play right from the start.
Football is a collective sport with a clear differentiation of roles and tasks in each position on the field. Goalkeeper goal language goal, defender, midfielder distributing the ball, the striker scored. In some cases specific tasks may vary but generally not much different during 90 minutes of play. Each person’s influence is thus subdivided, and it is rare for a football player to directly determine the outcome of a match.
Messi could not score that much if his support was not for a superb pass like Xavi or Iniesta. If Ronaldo scores 3 goals and the defender concedes 4 times, the end result is still a failure. Side by side on their journey to conquer the championships are always other outstanding players. That is also the reason why Messi and Ronaldo have enough titles at the club level, but often ungainly with the national team.
Compared to football, the influence of each basketball player on the team is higher than that of having 5 players on the field. Jordan did not focus on attacking like Messi or Ronaldo, but on the continuous attack. In other words, a basketball player playing on the field takes care of the job from the goalkeeper to the striker. They have a comprehensive set of skills so it is not necessary to depend on others to shine.

Tầm ảnh hưởng của Michael Jordan cao hơn bởi ông không phải phụ thuộc vào đồng đội để tỏa sáng như Messi và Ronaldo

No need for luck
Long before football saw the evolution of the data revolution with dense parameters, American-style sports made the audience dazzled by the matrix of quantifying the athletes’ qualifications. From the number of matches, the number of points scored to the percentage of successful points, the rate of throwing 3 points at the basketball … are recorded accurately to each percentage. So why are those numbers so valuable to reference?
In statistical operations, the accuracy of the collected data depends on the size of the observed object. For sports, the scale here is the number of matches played per season. In one year Ronaldo or Messi played an average of 55-60 games for the club at the peak. For Jordan, this number is 80. The more you play, the bigger the numbers will be. Baseball also has a much bigger stat than that because a player can play 160-170 matches a season.
Besides, the sports that score many points like basketball are very different from football, because the results do not depend on randomness. In a match, Jordan can throw a basket up to 50-70 times. The more you throw, the less bad luck the game results. The ball hitting the back of the basket a few times may have been unlucky, but that happened repeatedly which meant that the pitcher had poor technique. This is very different from football when a player only shoots on average 3-5 times per game and can blame a shot on a vertical column as unlucky.
Also in basketball, an individual can completely lead the ball up over him and score continuously if the technique is superior. Descendant of Jordan, the late Kobe Bryant has scored 60 points in his last match in the NBA. It was the season Bryant played around the teammates who were very bad, but if at the peak, Bryant’s style could still single win the home team won.