UFC “boss” and super fighter Jon Jones have a conflict with each other

The disagreement between President Dana White and Jon Jones makes the match with Francis Ngannou impossible to take place at this time.

The reigning Light-Heavyweight champions – boxers Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou are currently the hottest topic of UFC’s weight class recently.

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Because this is considered the first time “Bone” Jones intentionally up heavy and challenge Ngannou. However, Ngannou’s lack of a title made Jones need more reason to risk. It was a bonus rain. However, President Dana White rejected this request and affirmed not to accept the excessive claims of Jon Jones.
Djokovic overwhelms the top 20. For the past 4 years, Novak Djokovic has proved to be the most prominent tennis player in the world. According to Daily Mail statistics, in 106 times against the top 20, “Nole” won 82 games. This parameter completely overwhelms the rest of the big 3 members like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Nadal only won 60 and lost 26 when confronted with the top 20 representatives over the past few years.

Bouchard will be slipping because of appointments. According to Maria Sharapova – the player who recently decided to retire, junior Eugenie Bouchard is going the wrong way. Eugenie Bouchard has begun to get acquainted with dating guys since 2017 due to losing betting fan John Goehrke on Twitter about the outcome of a match at the Super Bowl. Currently, Bouchard is sliding down to 332nd place in the world women’s tennis rankings.
Mike Tyson revealed the secret to losing weight fast. Not only are the rumors of million-dollar contracts, but Mike Tyson also strengthens the confidence for the audience waiting for his comeback with the clearest evidence. The former heavyweight boxing champion shows a significant physical change in just a short time. Sharing about this secret, Mike “Steel” said he followed a serious exercise regime within 6 to 8 weeks and lost weight quickly.