The weirdest sports in the world (Part 1)

Numerous strange sports events exist. Here are the 12 weirdest and most incredible sporting events.

1. Rolling the cheese

Each year people will roll a cheesecake weighing about 4kg from the top of Cooper’s Hill, near Gloucester in England and the contestants have to chase it.

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This block of cheese can roll at up to 112 km / h and the chances of someone catching it is quite low. The first winner to receive the prize will be this cheesecake.
If you intend to participate in this contest, you should be very careful, because the rough surface of Cooper’s hill can cause serious injuries.

2. Boxing chess

Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh created this sport. A tournament consists of 11 rounds – 6 chess rounds and 5 boxing rounds.

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Competitors can win by “knock-out” opponents on the floor or the other’s wall on the board. A good opportunity to test your physical and mental abilities.

3. Attracting worms

Each person was given 3m2 of land and their task was to capture as many worms from the plot as possible within 30 minutes.

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The current world record belongs to 10-year-old Sophie Smith. She lured 567 worms at the 2009 competition.

4. Football in the ball

This sport is not only fun for players but also for the viewer. Each player is wrapped in a plastic ball covering the upper body and head.

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It was invented in Norway in 2011. Each match consists of 2 teams, with each team having no more than 5 members.
According to the rules of this sport, each team must have at least one female player on the field during the competition.

5. Carry your wife on your shoulder

The city of Sonkajarvi in Finland is the birthplace of this sport. The husbands race against each other through many obstacles while carrying their wives on their shoulders.
This sport is based on the legend of the thief Ronkainen in the 19th century. In one of the versions of this legend, the thief Ronkainen and his gang members stole food and women from villages. nearby by carrying them on the shoulder and fled.

Những môn thể thao... kỳ cục - Ảnh 5.

This championship is held every year in Finland and the winner receives the right amount of beer for his wife.