Thai martial arts queen lost the World Muay belt

Taking the initiative in the first two innings, female sportsmen Stamp Fairtex suddenly lost the World Muay Thai championship belt to Allycia Hellen Rodrigues after taking a very heavy blow in the middle of her nose.

The competition between Stamp Fairtex and Rodrigues is the highlight match at the ONE Championship martial arts event held late on August 28 in Bangkok (Thailand). Stamp Fairtex is the holder of ONE’s World Atomweight Championship with a series of 5 wins. Meanwhile, Rodrigues owns a huge record before joining the largest martial arts floor in Asia.

In the first two innings, Stamp Fairtex outperformed the opponent with very precise punch combos. In the middle of the third half, while busy attacking Fairtex, he suddenly got a very dangerous attack from the opponent, causing the Thai champion’s nose to be seriously injured and bleeding nonstop.
Although she was still able to continue the game, the constant bleeding from the nose caused the attack of Fairtex to be significantly reduced. Taking the opportunity, Rodrigues counterattacked strongly in the remaining 2 rounds. The Brazilian female boxer impresses with a sharp swing and powerful kicks.

In the end, Rodrigues won a convincing score and became the new owner of the Muay Thai World Atomweight Belt of ONE Championship. Meanwhile, Stamp Fairtex officially lost the title after nearly 2 years of holding.