Serie A returned, the “blockbuster” of Juventus was the boss ballast

After the waiting period, this morning (June 21), Serie A 2019 – 2020 has returned at Olimpico Grande Torino, Torino welcomes Parma. Although it was more appreciated, after the final whistle sounded, the visitors won only 1 point. This result made the teachers and students Roberto D’Aversa miss the opportunity to overcome AC Milan and close the gap with the group to win the Europa League.
In this match, Dejan Kulusevski was able to play the full 90 minutes. The 20-year-old is expected to work with Gervinho and Andreas Cornelius to form a “trio” that spread the nightmare for the Torino defense. However, the Swedish player had a lackluster performance, leaving no mark.

D'Aversa dằn mặt Dejan Kulusevski sau trận Parma 1-1 Torino - Bóng Đá

After the match, Dejan Kulusevski was reminded by coach Roberto D’Aversa. In an interview with Sky Sports, he said:
“Many people used to think that the tournament would stop. The whole team has not been able to catch back when there were only friendly matches last week. We have to analyze the fitness of the players every week.
Dejan Kulusevski has matured even at a very young age. His efforts must be respected. In the future, Dejan will change a lot. But today, that did not happen. In the final games of the season, Dejan had to prove that Juventus was right when deciding to recruit him. ”

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In January 2020, the Juventus board agreed to spend a total of 44 million euros to persuade Atalanta to cede Dejan Kulusevski. After that, the Swedish striker continued to wear Parma on loan and will start playing for the Bianconeri in the 2020-2021 season.