Olivia Culpo: Miss Universe intelligent, multi-talented basketball star

Christian McCaffrey – a member of the Carolina Panthers rugby club is making colleagues jealous when happy with the sexy woman Olivia Culpo.

Olivia Culpo: Hoa hậu hoàn vũ thông minh, đa tài của sao bóng rổ

Olivia Culpo has a mother who is a professional viola musician and a father from a college orchestra. Culpo himself used to play cello very well in several chamber orchestras such as Rhode Island Philharmonic and Boston Accompanietta. Growing up, she also recorded songs with Maxwell, Snoop Dogg, Nick Jonas …
Later, this girl was popularized more in the United States when she was crowned Miss America and Miss Universe together in 2012. Although Olivia is not tall (1m66), Olivia has a good body (81-63 -89) and a bright smile.
Not only that, Culpo also knows how to take advantage of his strengths to enter the acting industry, participate in fashion models and launch beauty products bearing his name. Culpo has been involved in such films as The Other Woman (2014), American Satan (2017), I Feel Pretty (2018) and Reprisal (2018) …

Culpo xinh đẹp và rất thông minh

Before dating Christian McCaffrey, she used to have time to date with Tim Tebow. November 2015, Miss Universe 2012 – Olivia Culpo decided to break up with boyfriend Tim Tebow because of the principle of no sex before the wedding of basketball player of the Philadelphia Eagles Club (USA).
Previously, Olivia and Tebow had been secretly dating since October 10/2014 but this affair lasted for less than two months. According to the 23-year-old girl’s friends, Olivia’s reason for not being able to continue is because Tim is determined to keep everything until the wedding day. Olvia herself wanted to test the “ability” of her boyfriend before she intended to go beyond the relationship but Tim always refused.