Messi incarnates the legendary Che Guevara

Famous Italian artist Salvatore Benintende has ‘turned’ Lionel Messi into a famous revolutionary. Specifically, this artist painted Messi as Che Guevara in the work ‘Goodbye, Commander’ to appreciate what this superstar has contributed to Barca.

Salvatore Benintende is a famous street artist with the stage name TVBoy, who has many very famous works in Spain. After news of Messi’s request to leave Barca, TVBoy created a beautiful work at Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona on August 29 to honor the Argentine star’s great contributions to the Catalan team.
The work is titled “Goodbye, Commander”, in which Messi is built the image of the great Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara.
This work was then admired and photographed by many fans. This may be the last mark of Messi in Barcelona after 18 years of professional play.

TVBoy artist placed his artwork on a cable box in Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona.

The artwork has a Spanish name “Hasta Siempre Comandante” meaning “Goodbye, commander”

Notably, on Messi’s suitcase, the most likely destination is … England

A female fan took advantage of the trip to take pictures of the work

On the evening of September 4, Messi announced that he would stay in Barca until the expiration of his contract in the summer of 2021 to avoid falling into a legal battle with the home team at Camp Nou. However, in an interview with Goal, the Argentine superstar also confirmed that he was overthrown by President Josep Bartomeu. Barca’s chairman promised Messi the freedom to leave at the end of each season, but swallowed.
He said: “I told the club, especially the president, that I wanted to go. I told him for a year. I believe it is time to step aside. The club needs young people, New face. I think my time at Barca is over. I told the president, and he always told me I have the right to decide whether to go or stay at the end of each season. In the end, he doesn’t keep his word. ” .
“I stayed because the president said the only way to go was to pay 700 million euros to break the contract. That was impossible. And that’s it. The other way is to go to court. However, I never did.” Now in court against Barca because his love for the club is so great. Barca gives me everything. It is the club of my life “, Messi added.