LeBron James brought the LA Lakers closer to the western NBA final

After the gap in game 1, LA Lakers showed a different face in the rematch against the Rockets. The Lakers defense concentrated at the beginning of the match. The attacking stars still excellently completed their task to soon make a 16-point difference in the first half.
Entering the second half, LeBron James and his team mates still controlled the Rockets star well. The score 31-31 of the second half gave the Lakers a great advantage before the break.

The Los Angeles Lakers took complete control of their second series against the Houston Rockets. Thursday night, they went on to Game 4, winning 110-100, the third win in a row. They are currently 3-1 ahead and could end everything in Game 5 on Saturday.

Anthony Davis won 29 points and 12 rebounds, while LeBron James finished with 16 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assists, as close as Triple-double. But the main story of this match was the Lakers’ defensive effort.

They kept the Rockets performance at just 43.1% and got 16 shots. But that number can only improve thanks to Houston’s last efforts. The Rockets played badly most of the match, losing 23 points.

In the last few minutes, however, they found hope, and made an amazing comeback to shorten the lead to five points. But those efforts are belated.

Anthony Davis took advantage of the mismatch when he was only accompanied by Eric Gordon at 1 minute 47 seconds, before Alex Caruso received James’s pass to secure a long throw to ensure victory just 35 seconds before time ran out.

In his career, LeBron James- a basketball star, never lost when the home team led 3-1 in the Playoffs. In the Miami Heat, the Cleveland Cavaliers or at the LA Lakers basketball team, James and his team mates have won all 13 series where they lead 3-1.