How much money did Mike Tyson make from the match against Roy Jones?

Mike Tyson will make a pretty large amount of money fighting Roy Jones.

He promised to transfer all the money to charity.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr will face off in the much-awaited Boxing match this weekend in Los Angeles. This match marks the return of both punches after their time away from the boxing ring. Fans are therefore eagerly waiting to see how far the two boxers will show the power of the punches.

This performance match means there will be no judges and the match can be stopped at any time if necessary. In fact, the organizers have arranged a number of formal judges. They are the best. They will score the match according to individual observations but do not use that score to determine winners or losers.

But the main match in a boxing event that the boss organizes with a European heavy belt battle. Tyson and Jones are expected to earn the most of the boxers attending this event.

The match’s remuneration will reach to $ 13 million of which $ 10 million to Tyson and the remaining 3 million to Jones. It is understandable that Tyson gets more attention. He is the main attraction character, so they decided to pay he more.

However, Mike has pledged to donate the full amount of remuneration from this match to charity. Tyson’s making money after this battle isn’t as important as whether he keeps his promise. Mike can earn a lot of money, but Tyson said he wasn’t playing for money.

This money will go to charities so no one will have to complain and envy that I went back to B Boxing to get rich. I will not take any money and I do it to feel good with myself, “Tyson said.

Even so, many fans believe that Tyson may still make some money from an undisclosed source. They think Tyson deserves that money if he has one because he made an important contribution to promoting the match and fans paid to see what they could expect from the 54-year-old legend.