Dark corner MMA: Boxers receive “dirty blow” traumatic “red dragon eye”

MMA is a mixed martial art, but there are certain rules that fighters must follow when competing. If a fighter falls out, the opposite person will not continue to attack. In the MMA – LFA 84 event taking place in the US on 11/7, boxer Shawn West, despite being knocked out by rival Boston Salmon at 53 seconds of the second half, still lost.
Due to unleashing a blow when the opponent fell, Shawn was defeated. Despite the victory, Boston was hospitalized in an emergency, and his face was torn, his cheekbone and eyes were severely injured. Recently this guy shared a photo on his personal page, one eye of Boston is no different from the “red dragon eye” in the comics.

Góc tối MMA: Võ sĩ nhận “đòn bẩn” chấn thương hãi hùng “mắt rồng đỏ” - 1
Góc tối MMA: Võ sĩ nhận “đòn bẩn” chấn thương hãi hùng “mắt rồng đỏ” - 2

In martial arts competitions, it is not always possible to defeat the opponent to win. At the LFA 84 martial arts event in the US on July 11, the knocked-out fighter was the winner, and the owner of this attack was defeated.

The first time LFA was launched (before losing 2 matches at UFC), Boston Salmon was determined to play, but before the opponent had a “death” style, Boston was knocked out at the beginning of the second half. 2. Lying on the floor after receiving a fatal knee blow, Boston fainted, and when he woke he knew he had won.
The referees said that his opponent Shawn West made a serious mistake, he “attacked when the opponent was lying”, this was illegal so the 30-year-old puncher was defeated. Despite being tried to lose, but being a professional fighter, West understood that the decision of the referees was completely right.
Thus, despite being the one to lose the game, Boston won the first victory in the LFA, this is also the 7th victory of the 29-year-old boxer since becoming a professional. In the opposite direction, Shawn must receive the 11th defeat, before he won 16 wins, drew 1.