American rugby fans angry at the speech of President-elect Biden

America has gone through 5 days of counting votes with many dramas in the presidential election in 2020. Many sources have declared Joe Biden as the winner of the election.

Following the results of the US election, NBC station planned the broadcast of President-elect Joe Biden’s winning speech in place of the highly-anticipated Saturday rugby match between the team. No. 1 Clemson and the team that is ranked 4th of Notre Dame.

Like other channels, NBC chose President-elect Biden and decided to broadcast his rugby match on USA Network, the channel “brothers” with NBC. Meanwhile, ABC also made a similar decision with the match between Stanford and Oregon.

This has made rugby fans angry for missing the match. Rugby is a more popular and popular team sport in the United States than football. It is known as the king sport in the country of chess.

When Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris took the stage, fans took to NBC’s Twitter to express their outrage.

Meanwhile, basketball star LeBron James was among the cheers as Biden was declared a victory over Trump. The NBA emblem was unable to contain his delight after it was reported that Democratic candidate Joe Biden won 270 electoral votes to bring Donald Trump out of the White House.
In a post on Twitter after Biden was elected, LeBron James posted a video clip of Trump with the message: “You are fired”.